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Doing Business in Ceres

Ceres Business Opportunities

As a smart business professional, you are concerned with growth and profit.  Aligned with your business interest the Ceres Chamber of Commerce offers you opportunities to:

  • Broaden your business contacts and network for valuable sales leads
  • Influence legislation that concerns your everyday business practices
  • Enhance leadership and other business related skills
  • Promote economic development that benefits the entire community
  • Invest in community growth which strengthens the market where you do business


Encouraging Economic Vitality

The Ceres Chamber of Commerce works closely with the city's Economic Development Department and the Stanislaus County Alliance to support the following objectives:

  • Downtown Redevelopment - Redevelop downtown that will be an enticing community gathering place, by attracting businesses like fine dining, cultural arts, entertainment and shopping.
  • Business Incentives - Create business incentives that will stimulate and promote economic development opportunities that will enhance the community’s job base and the City’s revenue base.
  • Business Recruitment, Retention & Expansion - Develop programs and conditions that will successfully attract businesses; and that will retain and support expansion of businesses.
  • Tourism - Tap into current activities and develop new ones that promote tourism and Ceres as a destination community.

If you're looking for further information on business development, opportunites, incentives, or major projects, check out the City of Ceres or Opporunity Stanislaus websites, or call the Ceres Chamber of Commerce at (209) 537-2601.


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