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Leadership Ceres & Young Professional Leadership Academy

Leadership Ceres

Leadership Ceres is a 9-month, intensive program designed to develop a continual pool of leadership talent for our community.


Participants meet for an all-day retreat in early September, and the class continues to meet on the third Friday of each month through May with today's leaders on the social, cultural, political, and economic facets of our community, as well as participate in team-building exercises and skills curriculum taught by local experts.  It is designed to motivate and encourage participants to take on leadership roles in the Ceres community.


Through exchange of ideas, community experiences, and leadership skill-building sessions, Leadership participants begin to develop specific interests in the concerns of our community and emerge equipped with the skills and knowledge to positively affect our communities. This program is geared at developing a knowledge and understanding of the Ceres community, from its challenges to its potential.

Participation in Leadership Ceres is $550 at the early bird rate.  Cost is $750 from June 30 - August 31. Registration closes August 31.  (Early bird rate ends June 30.)

Community Passport

Leadership participants also complete the Community Passport, an agenda of community projects and exercises to enhance participants' knowledge of our community. Passport activities include:


  • Required:
    • Take public transportation

    • Attend a public meeting

    • Patrol ride-along with Ceres Police Department


  • Choose One:
    • Vote in a regional election

    • Take and post a selfie while you are Shopping Ceres First!

    • Send an editorial/letter to the editor to the Ceres Courier about your experience in Leadership Ceres

    • Host a dinner prepared with ingredients from our local farmers' markets and post a selfie

    • Volunteer in Love Ceres

    • Attend the Ceres Street Faire or Smoke on the River BBQ Festival

    • Volunteer at the Chamber's Annual Community Service Award & Installation Dinner


Group Project

In addition to the Community Passport, Leadership participants also complete a group project, which pairs Leadership students with area non-profit organizations to learn about their missions and implement a fundraising plan to meet specific needs of those organizations.


Leadership Ceres Tentative Schedule & Itinerary

Saturday, Sept TBD:  Kickoff Retreat at Location TBD

Friday, Sept. TBD:  Community Overview/Leadership Orientation, Bus Tour

Friday, Oct. TBD: Economic Development, Workforce Training and Business Resources

Friday, Nov. TBD:  Planes, Trains and Regional Transportation Issues

Friday, Dec. TBD:  Eggs with Elected Officials at the Whitmore Mansion 

Friday, Jan. TBD:  Education Services and Media Training

Friday, Feb. TBD:  Human Services: Ceres Partnership, Children's Crisis Center & Justice Center Tours

Friday, Mar. TBD:  Group Project Presentations 

Friday, Apr. TBD:  Keeping a Community Safe - A Look at Crime Prevention & Public Safety Services

Friday, May TBD:  Ceres' Role in the Agriculture Industry

Friday, June TBD: Take the Lead and Graduation


Young Professional Leadership Academy

The mission of YPLA Ceres is to encourage area youth to participate, be engaged, and facilitate understanding among their peers about community issues and opportunities, with the overall goal of developing young leaders in and for the Ceres community.

Program Requirements

A. The program is open to individuals 16-21. Applicants must submit an application and essay describing their reason for wanting to participate in the program and why they believe they will benefit from attending the Academy. Participants may be subject to an interview prior to acceptance.

B. Attendees that are currently in high school must have approval from the principal of the school and their parents. They must hold a 2.0 GPA and may not have any F’s or U’s on their latest report card. A copy of transcripts must be submitted with the application and essay.

C. The Academy will host up to 10 YPLA participants each year. Attendees must dress professionally,
unless told by instructors to dress differently for special tours.

D. The Academy will partner with the City of Ceres, Ceres Unified School District, Service Clubs,
other public agencies and local businesses to educate attendees on subect matter.

Participation in YPLA is $350 at the early bird rate.  Cost is $550 from June 30 - August 31. Registration closes August 31.  (Early bird rate ends June 30.)


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