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Membership Packages

We appreciate your interest in being a Chamber member and are pleased that you recognize the value of a Chamber membership. Please understand that in order to operate a professional Chamber organization, we treat our business as such -- a Business. We do this because we can’t help our Business Members if the Chamber is not self-supporting.



Programs and Events:
A portion of your membership helps to fund ongoing programs and events that benefit Ceres businesses. Some of these programs and events include Groundbreakings and Ribbon Cuttings that may celebrate new businesses coming into our community or mark major milestones for existing businesses; Educational seminars that may help business owners attain knowledge that will help grow their business; Events like the Agribusiness Luncheon and Annual Business Awards Ceremony, that recognize local business leaders and citizens for their contribution to our community, just to name a few.

Products & Services:
Every business, by law, is required to post Labor Compliance posters, which the Chamber offers to Chamber members for Free or at a discounted price, depending on your level of membership. Additionally, the Chamber offers Notary services, as well as Certificates of Origin for many businesses exporting goods outside of our country.

Advocacy Efforts:

It’s the Chamber’s main purpose to advocate for all of our business members. It takes time and effort to follow legislation, build and maintain strong relationships and keep good communication efforts with local, state and federal leaders. A portion of your membership goes to fund these efforts.


Each year, the Ceres Chamber of Commerce provides financial scholarships to students from both Ceres High School and Central Valley High School. Business scholarships are provided to those individuals looking for a career in business or an ag-related profession.

Community Projects:
The Ceres Chamber of Commerce is hoping to provide our community with assistance on projects that are deemed vital to the economic prosperity of Ceres. This includes projects that will help beautify Ceres, or provide a much needed service that will enhance life in our community.



Due Dates:
Membership dues are paid annually by all members. Dues must be paid on the first of January. A $25 late payment charge will be added to your account if paid after a 30-day grace period.


Your membership will be prorated depending on the time of year you join the Chamber of Commerce. You may contact the Chamber office to determine what your cost of membership will be.


Businesses that pay their memberships in advance for the entire year will receive 10% off their annual dues. The annual payment must be received no later than January 10th in order to receive this discount.

Returned Check Policy:
Dues may be paid in cash or by check, cashier’s check or money order.
Any personal or business checks that are returned for insufficient funds from your banking instituion will be assessed a returned service charge.

You may complete a New Member Application online at http://cereschamber.com/application-to-join.html or contact the Ceres Chamber office and we will email or fax an application to you. For additional information, please contact the Chamber office at (209) 537-2601 or email info@cereschamber.com.





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