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Shop Local Video Campaign

Did you know that during the fiscal 2013-14 year, local businesses generated over $4.8 million in sales tax for the Ceres community?  Did you know that by shifting just 10% more of your spending here, we can increase that by over $480,000?

As part of its public awareness campaign to encourage Ceres residents to shop locally, the Ceres Chamber of Commerce is in the process of shooting a video featuring City of Ceres employees to show how sales tax revenue provides for services citizens expect. The "Shift 10% When You Spend" campaign shows that by simply shifting 10% of their spending to a locally-owned business Ceres citizens are improving the local economy, securing jobs, helping the environment, supporting community groups and re-investing tax revenue that translates into city services.

The Chamber is currently accepting sponsors to fund a billboard on Whitmore Avenue at Highway 99 to encourage passers-by to "Shop Ceres First." For more information about sponsorship opportunities, contact the Chamber office at (209) 537-2601. To learn more about the campaign, click here.

How You Can Help!

Whether you’re shopping for groceries, grabbing a quick item from the hardware store, stopping for fuel, or searching for a service provider, a simple shift on your part can help support and improve the quality of life for everyone.

Shifting your spending takes little effort and doesn’t cost more.

If you own a business, shift your sourcing. Every time you shift, you are helping other Ceres businesses thrive in our community.


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